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after hours

  1. Andre

    130 GetFpv

    130 GetFpv The FTAfterhours guys have special guest Sean Pontzer from Getfpv.com. We learn from Sean all the ins and outs of running a successful RC online business. Thanks for listening and go check them out. 130 GetFpv
  2. Andre

    118 FliteFest 2016

    118 FliteFest 2016 Chris,Wayne,Andre and special guest Mike Finley from the FT community podcast share all there favorite moments from Flitefest 2016.
  3. Andre

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee

    093 Rooftops and Phantom coffee Wayne is back in the studio after being gone for awhile and lets us know about the RC runway at his new house. Andre fills us in on his devastating crash of the HMB quad and how it took a few days to recover it. Chris shares his shenanigans with Phantom 3 and his...