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  1. HB Stratos

    I'm new around the FT Forums, here's my EDF Afterburner:

    Hey there everyone! I finally got a FT Forums account and I thought I'd start it off with some pictures of the Afterburner I'm currently working on. It features some quite substantial improvements over David's design and is almost flight ready.
  2. OGBugsy

    Afterburner on Viggen Mod issue.

    I ran into a problem with the afterburner mod. The 70mm EDF setup runs off 4s lipos (3s as well but under powered), and the brushed esc's i can find for lipos, only go up to 3s. The LED's for the afterburner just flash with the 4s instead of gradually getting brighter with 3s. I tried powering...
  3. OGBugsy

    Just wanted to say thanks....

    ...to all you guys at Flite Test, for helping to renew my interest in flying rc and helping me to build two awesome new planes. I used to fly alot of rc helicopters but it was always very stressful flying $3k+ models around and a heart attack made me leave the hobby for several years. I just...