Just wanted to say thanks....


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...to all you guys at Flite Test, for helping to renew my interest in flying rc and helping me to build two awesome new planes. I used to fly alot of rc helicopters but it was always very stressful flying $3k+ models around and a heart attack made me leave the hobby for several years. I just recently decided to give it another go, seeing the hands off flight of the many awesome flight controllers available these days.

So to all you great guys and gals at Flite Test..:applause:..Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work! I'll post videos when the temps cool off a bit.

P.S. I am attaching the Blue Angels decal art I used, if anyone wants it. (.pdf)

View attachment Blue Angels Decals.pdf

FT Versa.JPG
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Great looking paint job, and thank you for the decals!

Take it out when its dark and fire up that blue angle, let's see the flames!