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  1. foamboardflyer

    Help! Affordable airbrush

    I was wondering if Anyone has experience with airbrushes, and if you could recommend a good airbrush that’s not 500 bucks, And maybe share some tips and tricks for someone who has only ever used the $20.00 tester kit (which sucks)
  2. M

    Airbrush Painting

    Hi guys, Maybe I have missed it in the videos, but I want to get into airbrushing my flite test models and have a question on methods. What airbrush compressors/paint/sprayers/etc. are you guys using? What should I get to start with? Also when do you airbrush your models? After you build it...
  3. J

    Great information if you're interested in airbrushing.

    I know this is a long video, but this is some awesome information for anyone who is thinking about getting into airbrushing. And no, I don't work for Badger Airbrush Company. :)