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  1. J

    Ap ez twin ? Anything i need to now when adding more engines and things to consider ?

    Hey up guys so I've been flying my ap ez ive made she's mega. its my first Successful build that has achieved flight nd given me a platform to leanr so thanks airbpirates for that now I've found foam board so I adapted its wings to give dihedral tips and made it 3 channel with a little 15 quid...
  2. AircPirateNinsei

    Sea Duck (Conwing L-16)

    At first i have to say: Special Thanks to rcspaceflight, SnowRocker88, nevenelestate and all the other people in the FT Forum for all the inspiration and Flite Test for the skills, that i have learned by building their airplanes! Here is my version of the famous TaleSpin Sea Duck! My Sea...