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Ap ez twin ? Anything i need to now when adding more engines and things to consider ?

Hey up guys so I've been flying my ap ez ive made she's mega. its my first Successful build that has achieved flight nd given me a platform to leanr so thanks airbpirates for that now I've found foam board so I adapted its wings to give dihedral tips and made it 3 channel with a little 15 quid gyro 2206 2300kv motor on a two cell now I'm wanting to start considering my next step and before i go to 4 channela i really wanna make a terrainer with dihedral tbh I'm in love with the piaggio p166 with its full wing and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good passenger style plane that's in foam board ? So I could adapt it but I also want to consider adding a twin engine to the ap ez as it could be simple and just fun but give us a hand please cos I'm still getting alot wrong and the more I no the better itle be . Chears guys


The Piaggio P.166 has a gull wing and a twin pusher setup. You should start with a straight wing. You have to pay attention to the center of gravitiy (CG) and the wing cube loading (WCL). Take a look at the AP Godai twin setup parts (AP_Godai_Plan_D_Full.pdf). I think it is easy to adapt them for the AP Eazy.


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to make a gullwing, takes more effort to make, buts possible. Just eg. check out builds of the Corsair wing, who is a inverted gullwing. The Piaggio P.166 needs scratchbuild though.. thats you should master how making it from just a few drawings/pics, as a 3D picture,


https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https://sep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-25743750278216/piaggio-p-166-provisional-flight-manual-6.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.flight-manuals.com/6083-1.html&tbnid=WjyrDO_7MMMvCM&vet=10CBcQxiAoBGoXChMIuP3np_e96wIVAAAAAB0AAAAAEAc..i&docid=H7iWdY7mvOu6wM&w=655&h=852&itg=1&q=Piaggio P.166&ved=0CBcQxiAoBGoXChMIuP3np_e96wIVAAAAAB0AAAAAEAc

this plans, are for sale as balsamodel on Ebay though: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293470384760
- but as control line type, so nneds some conversion to use as RC model.


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