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  1. Centus

    Hallelujah! We're legal again!

    Via AMA member email: "DC SFRA Back Open to Model Aircraft!" :applause: AMA Email Text
  2. D

    AMA words on FAA registration

    AMA recommends you hold off registering until the deadline in February. They are asking you to contact FAA. Here is the link to the letter from AMA dated December 28, 2015...
  3. Rc high flyer

    Help the AMA Get its word out

    Help the AMA get it's word out about flight by watching this video and sharing it to freinds and family. http://discoverflight.org
  4. Maingear

    FAA Inspector Communication Protocol

    I am required to maintain A&P licenses. I specialize in the oversight of regulations associated with maintenance, flight operations, engineering, parts repair/sourcing, training, documentation, getting company policies accepted in place of regulations, vendor interactions, registration and all...
  5. Rcplaneguy

    What are YOUR flying fields?

    Hey everybody and thanks for checking out the thread! I wanted to make a thread about where you guys fly! Currently I fly at a local park about the size of 2 soccer fields. Come winter time my buddy and I build an ice runway on the neighborhood lake! Here is a picture and a video! Video...