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  1. Andre

    116 Andre's trip to Ohio

    116 Andre's trip to Ohio Andre made the long trip from Ottawa down to Ohio to join the rest of the FT Afterhours crew for 3 days of flying shenanigans.It was non stop from dodging trees at Wayne's,formationTundra flying at Fury field to glider towing at the original FT headquarters. 116 Andre's...
  2. Croom

    Quad Flying on Top of a Mountain

    I was flying my Quad on top of some mountains in California. Got some pretty cool stuff.
  3. Jnr Kuzi

    You Guys Are Amazing *Must Read*

    In this post i would like to thank each & every member on this Forum who Has Helped Me & Helped the Flite Test crew to Get into the Rc hobby. I Have always Been an Rc car Guy, But about a year ago, my aunt Got me a 4ch mini Rc Helicopter (Avatar Z008) & ever since then i Never used any other...
  4. K

    Fiji's World from above and a few tips | FPV

    Hi there fellow Flight Test fans! During the last two months I have been keeping very busy filming the gorgeous scenery Fiji and it's islands have to offer. If any of you want to spend a few minutes in paradise, why not take a look at my videos and see what you think. One thing you will...