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apm 2.8

  1. Ankit Jangid

    Help! Quadcopter making with APM2.8 motor spinning prob

    Make a Quadcopter with APM 2.8 2200 kV motor Issue Quadcopter arm easily but speed increase 40% one motor stoped I done esc calibration Check all programs by mission planner software Try 5-6 times but same problem show Pls Help me
  2. Y

    APM 2.8 destabilizes on descent. PID help?

    I have an F450 frame with an APM 2.8. It flies well, but especially in autonomous flight, it gets a growing oscillation on descent that builds until the quad is tipping 90 degrees in either direction and it falls out of the sky! I'm trying to adjust the PIDs to fix the problem, but am having a...
  3. T

    [Req] APM 2.8 flight controller CUSTOM FIRMWARE for quad copters

    Hello my friends, If you guys have APM 2.8 flight controller CUSTOM FIRMWARE for quad copters.. please Help me to find a download link for a custom firmware.. APM is a very good flight controller that has ground station controlling like DJI naza.. but there is no new firmware update from last...