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    Is anyone still using a tricoper?

    Hi Flite Folks :) I've been out of the hobby for a bit, but am finally in a position to start exploring it again :) My last "main" multirotor was an Electrohub tricopter running on an APM2.6 with Arducopter with a Tough Tilt tail. I know tricopters have all but vanished due to technological...
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    APM 2.8 destabilizes on descent. PID help?

    I have an F450 frame with an APM 2.8. It flies well, but especially in autonomous flight, it gets a growing oscillation on descent that builds until the quad is tipping 90 degrees in either direction and it falls out of the sky! I'm trying to adjust the PIDs to fix the problem, but am having a...
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    APM 2.6 Gimbal control through board.

    Hi Guys, I have spent a lot of time trying to get the gimbal control to work via the APM2.6 and would like to share how I eventually got it working. I was using the RC channel directly from the reciever to the gimbal but the APM should support the gimbal pitch/roll natively but in the...
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    Waiheke Island (NZ) awesome scenery and blue waters

    Put this video together about a month back, thought i would share it with you guys to see what ya think of it. Using a go pro 3+ and a tarot gimbal on a custom lunchbox H-quad running a ardupilot apm 2.5.
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    APM and "Dead Cat" Frame

    On the episode where they introduce the Electrohub kit, Bixler mentioned that APM has a specific configuration for "dead cat" style (also known as "spider")quadcopters. Does anyone know what setup he is talking about? I can only see +,X, and V. I've tried mine in X mode but it seems suboptimal.