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arming issue

  1. GuardianVex

    Help! Quadcopter Unarm or unresponsive after Short Takeoff

    My quadcopter is Eachine QX95 , Reciever is X6B and the transmitter is FS I6 . I am facing a problem ,where when I throttle , the drone make a brief takeoff and then just lands and gets unarmed automatically and I had to arm again and again and again and all I am getting is a short 5-10 cm...
  2. foamtest

    Help! Lizard95 Arming issues

    Hi I have been having issues with getting my lizard95 in the air. Here’s just a little background to the situation. I’m using spektrum and have followed the instructions in this video and now it arms. The only issue is that when I arm it it takes off. And I think it drifts a bit to the left as...
  3. F

    Gremlin Noob having trouble arming the motors. Day 4 :(

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to multi rotors. I have flown a eachine 010. Built the Gremlin following TJ's video. Here is the current state. I can get Betaflight to see and flash spracingf3evo one day to figure out how to get into DFU mode, whatever that means. I was also able to get my rx...