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  1. R

    Tricopter frame style

    Hi everyone. I'm building a tricopter, it's really to see if I'm wanting to buy a rexplorer v4 frame, since I have had nothing to do with tricopters yet. I've built some of the rear tilt mechanism, just needs some shaping and bits and pieces before that's done, linkages, standoffs between...
  2. K

    ElectroHub 3D Arms Model (Spider Quad)

    Hello everyone, I am posting this thread to let everyone know that if you damage, break, or don't like to use the wooden booms for electro hub I have a solution. I caded up a design for the spider quads arms. There's 2 pieces, the front arms, and then the back arms. Basically if you have a 3D...
  3. J

    Where do you guys like to buy your carbon fiber tubing from?

    I'm in the market to upgrade the poplar arms on my v-tail quad to carbon fiber tubing. I'd like square tubing, but round would do also. Each arm is around 40cm long, and right now I'm using 10mm square poplar, so I'm looking for CF around that size. HK seems like it's a decent deal, but it's a...
  4. A

    Tricopter arms folding midflight

    I built David's Tricopter, didn't follow any specific version. I was flying with the KK2 v1.6. It was flying pretty well and I was doing figures of eight. Now, at one left turn, I noticed that it'd turned into a T-copter!! It was still flying stable though. After a few more seconds of flying...