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ElectroHub 3D Arms Model (Spider Quad)

Hello everyone, I am posting this thread to let everyone know that if you damage, break, or don't like to use the wooden booms for electro hub I have a solution. I caded up a design for the spider quads arms. There's 2 pieces, the front arms, and then the back arms. Basically if you have a 3D printer, or know a friend who has one you can 3D print these arms. They work just as perfect as the wooden ones. Also you can make more if they do break, which mine haven't yet. If anyone is interested Ill give you a link to download the files. :D


Senior Member
... oh, and as long as you're feeling generous, how about doing a version of the rear arms with an angled motor mount? A simple twist is easy to accomplish, but in order to get the motors pointing perpendicular to the center-line, you have to both twist and bend the arm, which is hard to do out of a single wooden boom. If you only twist the arm and don't bend it, the motors tilt both forwards and to the side, which makes the quad hover un-level and tend to move forward when you yaw.

Personally, I like a 20 degree tilt...


Staff member
I like the idea, but I'm pretty sure I'm faster at cutting and drilling a new wooden boom than 3D printing one of that length. :)