1. CarboardKings

    Viper-ish Cardboard EDF Jet

    Yes we went for it! Also a few pictures of the other big boys we built from scratch. My son and I
  2. A

    Artistic use of quad-copters.

    Thought you guys might find this interesting:
  3. T

    Sharpied my FT_Flyer - plane art

    I wanted to make my FT_Flyer less susceptible to wetness, so I decided to polyurethane the plane. Before doing that, however, I decorated it a bit to make the plane less plain and to help me see it's orientation better in flight. I didn't want to do simple stripes, though. This is what I came up...
  4. P

    Spectacular Aviation Paintings

    Timothy M. Wall, native to Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; continues to reside in this beautiful area bordering the USA. An Artistic Athlete, today his work has been recognized in the press; noted by Canadian born Basketball Star, Adam Folker - (U of C Irvine), including prestigious organizations...