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  1. 20191006_200544.jpg


    Euro fighter typhoon master series!
  2. A

    check out my new video of me flying my new bolt 250

    pls like and subscribe and give me feed back:cool: video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzUsfs1EbZM\ quad specs trying out the new blackout motors from bolltrc 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr cam man Zarak Khan supplier bolt rc http://boltrc.com/ quad bolt 250 esc-little bee 20amp...
  3. T

    FT Flying 3d Printer

    I know this probably sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I challenge the FliteTest team to make a plane that can fly long enough to 3d print a part for the aircraft carrying the 3d printer. I figure that if you guys can make a cinder block fly than you can somehow fill a plane with enough...
  4. J

    p-51 swappable?

    i think it would be really cool to have a p-51 swappable? the spitfire is awsome and a p-51 would be even cooler!!!!!!