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    AXN Cloud Jet Rates, Expo, and Mix

    I have a Spektrum tx and rx and am looking for some guidance as to throw rates, expo, and mixing for the upcoming maiden flight of my AXN Cloud Jet. I have the aileron control rods in the horn slot closest to the wing (max throw) and the rudder and elevator control rods in the middle horn slot...
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    AXN night flying review -nonamerc-

    Hi guys, Here I give you a quick review about the AXN with led's. Hope that you find it usefull. Got any questions? Contact us on Greetings, Nonamerc
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    AXN Night Flying -nonamerc-

    Hi guys, Here is the video were I fly my AXN floater-jet with led's. Worth to check out! And if you like our videos subscribe, we got a really cool video comming up for tomorrow! Bixler+Skywalker with gopro= Bixler chasing......