AXN Cloud Jet Rates, Expo, and Mix


I have a Spektrum tx and rx and am looking for some guidance as to throw rates, expo, and mixing for the upcoming maiden flight of my AXN Cloud Jet. I have the aileron control rods in the horn slot closest to the wing (max throw) and the rudder and elevator control rods in the middle horn slot. The aileron and elevator control surfaces look small for the plane and I have read that the ailerons are a bit anemic so I want to make sure I have enough throw in there to control the thing but I don't want to get it up in the air for the maiden and have it acting twitchy.

Also, what about expo? I normally put in about 30% for everything and it seems to work. Anyone have any input here?

Finally mixing. I have ready that the AXN needs some rudder in the turns. I have flown a lot of 4 channel but am by no means an expert. Can anyone confirm that the AXN needs coordination in the turns and if so can anyone post a good aileron to rudder mix ratio?

Thanks for the help, I just want this maiden to go well.