1. I

    Flying 60" of overloaded AXON!

    Hey guys, Hope you're all well, and hope you can get a smile out of this. There's crashes, there's friends, and there's 20kt winds. Enjoy!
  2. T-Richard

    Updated FPV plane - The Pelican

    Based on the Axon from ExAir, added mild polyhedral by extending the wind a few inches each side and used different tubular fuselage shapes to maximize space and aerodynamics. Not finished yet but hopefully will fly this weekend :)
  3. T-Richard

    Newbie, pioneer flights pics and videos

    Hi guys, Wanted to share a few of my first flights. Just got into the hobby maybe 2 months ago, love the scratchbuilding. I built an ft Nutball first. I was excited to see it fly but it was pretty awful, looks great in pictures but flew poorly and broke pretty quickly. I moved on to a delta...
  4. H

    Polyhedral on DT Foamboard wing?

    Hello. I recently built Ed's Axon from ExperimentalAirlines (Axon video: out of Dollar Tree foamboard and it was my first plane so I crashed it and bashed it a few times and now I am working on repairing it and modifying it to my liking. One thing I...
  5. R

    My Dive into FPV

    Just getting started, but of course already hooked too :cool: