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bald eagle

  1. jmrpb

    Just another Eagle :)

    Finally spring has come and it’s time to fly. :) This is my new eagle, hope you like it. Eagle specifications: Wing span: 1,5 meters Wing chord: 39 cm (at the widest part) Total length: 75 cm V-Tail design: 120º Motor: SunnySky 2212 980 KV Propeller: Folding propeller 11’*6’ Battery: LIPO #3...
  2. Blackbeltrrf

    Scratch building a Bald Eagle

    I thought I would share my scratch build Bald Eagle as I am working on it. I have just completed printing and laminating my plans and just started cutting and assembling. Any suggestions along the way are very welcome. So...here we go. Here are a few views of the fuselage A front view...