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Just another Eagle :)


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Finally spring has come and it’s time to fly. :)

This is my new eagle, hope you like it.

Eagle specifications:

Wing span: 1,5 meters
Wing chord: 39 cm (at the widest part)
Total length: 75 cm
V-Tail design: 120º
Motor: SunnySky 2212 980 KV
Propeller: Folding propeller 11’*6’
Battery: LIPO #3 S with 1.500 mA/h 35C
Speed Controller: 18 Amp ESC
Servos: # 3 Hitec HS-55
Ready to fly weight: 470 grams (with battery)
Average flight times: 15 minutes plus (depending on soaring time)

Filmed at Cabo da Roca, Sintra, Cascais, Portugal, Europe



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Now it’s time to scare the local birds :cool:

Follow your dreams and fly like there is no tomorrow!

Happy flights and happy landings!

Lisbon, Europe, Portugal


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I do t know of those are really common but I'm new to the hobby and I think that looks really cool!
You must try one for yourself. It is not so hard to build. Actually is very simple and if you put a motor you don't need to be dependent on thermals. It will fly very majestically in a park.

For me the hard part was the paint job. It was a little bit slow, mine took 2 weeks to accomplish (most of the time evenings). But you can paint yours with just two tones of browns (a dark one - for the base and a lighter one). The feathers can be painted afterwards if you want.

Try one by yourself, yours will fly better than mine. ;)


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I've had an eagle in the works for 2 years. Your's looks and flies great.
Thanks! You must finish it and let it fly. They are magnificent in the sky and all the people will be impressed.

Mine loves to fly, with or without the motor's help.

Cheers Bernardo
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