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  1. W

    extending flight time for quads

    I had a weird idea of attaching a helium balloon to a quad to keep it in the air for a super long time. Anyone else thought of this too? Seems do-able. A helium balloon with just enough gas in it to help your quad, or plane I suppose, stay in the air for much longer than by just from battery...
  2. F

    Rockoon! Launch fpv rocket or rocket glider from edge of space

    I would love to see the guys build on the fpv to space glider segment with a FPV rocket launched from balloon at edge of space. A rocket with some "guided missile" type steering would be a possible precursor show. I really enjoyed the FPV to space episode and would love to see others along the...
  3. Rcplaneguy

    Sending camera and equipment to space

    hey forum users! I have had a recent desire to send my gopro (or other camera) to near space altitudes via a weather balloon. After much searching on YouTube and other websites, I have a basic list of what I need. They include weather balloon parachute camera(s) hot packs (keep equipment warm)...