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    FT Bloody Baron build
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    I just ordered the flite test power pack B, I got all the electronics hooked up just fine with a lemon rx receiver but the motor is not working for some reason there are no esc beeps. I checked to make sure all the electronics are plunged into the correct channel and that the battery is working...
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    Bloody Baron- New Size??

    I noticed in one of your still pix of Baron, one plane was twice the size of the other. Is there a speed build kit for this larger version? If not, when? One final thought, how about some mods so you don't have to use a swappable power pod. They are a pain.;)
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    NTM 2830 1200kv for Bloody Baron and Guinea Pig? Are those right? And which props?

    Hey everyone, I have asked questions like this before, but I am still not quite certain about what I should get. I want a hobbyking motor for my Bloody Baron that I will be able to use on the Guinea Pig (together with a second one) later on. The NTM 28-26A 1200kv seems to be just a little...
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    Swappable Baron 58

    Hello my name is Callum. I am new to scratch building and have decided to make a swappable replica of a Baron 58. It used 3 sheets of a1 foam board. The plans are not finalised yet but if you would like them just pm me and ill get therm right to you with a few instructions. Thanks for reading...
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    FT Bloody Wonder, Bloody wonder MKIII, Bloody Baron, Ugly Wonder? Which is best?

    Hey everyone, This summer, I want to build a bloody wonder, as I think it's a good next step and the plane is simply awesome. However, there seem to be different versions of the plane. The ugly wonder just came out , and it looks pretty badass. Which do you think is best? My requirements: It...