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    Help! I am trying to find a battery

    Hello people! I have a question, it may be a stupid one but I have it. I am trying to figure out what battery i can use for the 20amp ESC and radial 2205 2300kV with the power pack f. If anyone can help or just tell me what I may need. I understand the S numbers but I simply don't know where to...
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    Help! How can I power up my receiver?

    Hi! I am building a homemade 1 meter dlg and i have to power up my receiver and 2 servos. I have the Turnigy 5x transmitter and it´s receiver works with a Voltage between 4.8 and 6V. Which (lightweight) battery should i use? i would like to use those 1s lipos, but they are only 3,7 V and they...
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    My field charger

    It happened to be I already had my field charger created before I joined this hobby. I made it to power my motors on the telescope mount when I was doing astro photo. It suits perfectly as a field charger in the RC hobby and I thought I'd share a brief description on what it includes. Nothing...