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My field charger

It happened to be I already had my field charger created before I joined this hobby. I made it to power my motors on the telescope mount when I was doing astro photo. It suits perfectly as a field charger in the RC hobby and I thought I'd share a brief description on what it includes. Nothing fancy really, but anyway, it might inspire someone.

Car battery (60 Ah)
Four 12V cigarette sockets (with fuses)
Key switch (marine type)
LED on/off indicator
Voltage display with individual on/off switch
Extra handles and shoulder strap
Made one really fast:
Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 19.59.10.png

I left out the separate switch for the voltmeter since it's not really necessary for this purpose. The reason I have it is to be able to cut down on light sources while out in the dark taking astro photos. Not that it pollutes the sky in any way but if you look straight into any light source the eyes will be disturbed.