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battery placement

  1. Y

    Versa Wing tractor setup

    My Versa Wing is ready to maiden. I've decided to fly with a tractor config for a while powered by an 8X4 prop, Emax GT2210/11 motor, 20A ESC and 1800mAh 3S Battery (Lazertoyz "BEEF" option). With added weight and power, how secure is the powerpod attachment ?. In the "Speed Challenge"...
  2. S

    Foam Cub Component Placement Help

    I am about 90% done with my first foamy it chose to build the cub I am very much in love with this new method of building airplanes. So I am just about to start building my power pod I watched the video on hooking up the electronics in the power pod but I am wondering where the heck does my...