Versa Wing tractor setup


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My Versa Wing is ready to maiden. I've decided to fly with a tractor config for a while powered by an 8X4 prop, Emax GT2210/11 motor, 20A ESC and 1800mAh 3S Battery (Lazertoyz "BEEF" option).

With added weight and power, how secure is the powerpod attachment ?. In the "Speed Challenge" episode Josh mentions that he taped his Power Pod to the wing and I don't see a battery hanging from the pod as it fly's by at 100mph.

Not that I'll be pushing the envelope at that level, but I'm thinking about putting a hatch on the bottom of the pod. Then I can velcro the battery to the wing inside the pod and tape the pod to the wing.

Does anyone see any problems with this approach ?

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Nice build, it's very clean looking. Your battery idea sounds like a good one . I have a Versa wing and a blunt nose one both "pushers". So getting the CG right sometimes requires adding a little extra weight.

They do fly well.

Good Luck


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The pod is sercured by the skewers up front and the zip tie at the rear. I like to mechanically hold batteries too, not just trust the velcro. It would be really easy to route a thin velcro cable tie cord/loop over the pod and leave the tails below to secure your battery.


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I fly one just like yours with almost the same power setup. Flys wonderfully. No problems at all. Sweet airplane!


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A buddy and I put a big motor and fast prop on a versa wing. We were trying to get over 100 mph. The only mod to the pod was using Velcro battery straps (one front one rear). This plane flew well and had no issues with speed or stress on the pod.


With the power set up you are using, the stock design should have no problems. The less you mod it, the lighter it is. They fly better lighter, in my opinion.

This one is designed to go fast in the pusher configuration. I beefed it up too much and the weight makes it wobbly.


I have built and flown several versa wings. I liked the lighter ones best.


I built one that uses rubber bands to hold on the power pod. They hold it securely but if you happen to come in contact with a solid object they give so that's good too. versa1.jpeg versa2.jpeg


Flite is good
I built one that uses rubber bands to hold on the power pod. They hold it securely but if you happen to come in contact with a solid object they give so that's good too. View attachment 45708 View attachment 45709

That is a great mod. I used the same thing in reverse (battery on top), in a pusher configuration, to hold the battery on my first Versa Wing. I did not think to do it for a pod in the tractor configuration. I am going to steal your idea and maybe use it later.


I combined my Versa and Simple Soarer today. It was easy to do since I use rubber bands to hold on my power pods. I just used a y connector for the ailerons. It actually flew pretty good and was a good change of place from the Simple Soar or the versa versasimplesoar.jpeg
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One of the challenges of the tractor style, in my opinion, is the abuse the prop and motor can take on landing. I love the flight characteristics of the tractor style, though, so I looked for ways to improve the power pod and the attachment of the pod to the wing.

First thing I did was make my pod from coraplast. This make the pod virtually unbreakable. I've slammed the wing straight in numerous times and the pod is still in good shape. Now making a stronger pod causes the force of the crash to pass into the wing through whatever attachment method you use. The bbq skewers are always the first thing to break so I didn't install them in this build, instead I went with two coraplast angles glued to the bottom of the wing on each side of the pod and run by front skewer through the coraplast and pod. I have yet to have the pod come off. The skewer did crack on one crash but skewers are cheap:)


You'll note in looking at the picture that my motor is hanging loose. I did have a lunchtime crash yesterday, nosed straight into the ground at full speed. Wing was fine, pod was fine, the weak point was the motor mount screws and for me, that is just fine. The motor popped off saving the motor shaft and the prop from any damage. Screw the motor back on and I'll be back up in the air.

As for the battery, my first time out I did use a 1300 mah battery mounted inside the pod but balancing the wing was very difficult. Instead, I've glued some support sticks inside the pod, run two Velcro strips through the pod and over the sticks and attach my battery under the pod. I've also put a small piece of Velcro infront of the battery position for my battery cell checker. Yesterday's first flight was 11 minutes and I only drained the battery to 11.2 volts. Could have gone for another 5 plus minutes.


The last photo shows the interior layout of the pod. Battery support stick on one end, Lemon 6 channel stabilizer / receiver in the middle right on the cg and the 30amp ESC up front.

Love the Versa!

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