1. P

    Beach & bix

    Setup: bix3 + mobius cam
  2. hotbrass2005

    Quadcopter at the beach?

    My wife and I are going on vacation next week to a quiet little beach in North Carolina. I'm planning on taking my mini quad and doing some flying around the beach where there aren't a lot of people. What should I do to the quad or take with me to keep from ruining it while on vacation? I got...
  3. D

    The Beach - DJI Phantom 3

    Practicing my editing skills... Enjoy this video taken with my Phantom 3 on the North Carolina shore!
  4. L

    A White Christmas with DJI in Sarasota Florida

    I brought my Phantom 2 to the beach for our "White Christmas". It was a lot of fun to get the video, and make sure to watch it in HD!
  5. K

    From Boats to Planes and Beach Flying - Bixler 2, Flyzone Sensei and Aircore

    Hi, so I've been lurking around here for a bit and have watched nearly half of all the FT videos the guys have on the YouTube channel. I'm new to RC planes, but I grew up building and racing nitro boats. Had a few cars too. Currently I have a nitro OS tunnel hull that I run every once in a...
  6. B

    My Best flight to date! Quadcopter Beach flight.

    My best video of my flight at a beach in the gulf of Mexico. The camera I used was a Gopro Hero3 silver. Please tell me what you guys think!
  7. D

    Beginner FPV Pilot Takes Bixler to the Beach

    Howdy. First post here, second FPV flight. Hope you enjoy it!