1. Mr NCT

    Plane Simple Staggerwing Simple Staggerwing V2.2

    Plans updated 8/30/22 The classic Beechcraft Staggerwing done in the FT 'Simple' style. Box fuselage, tab and slot assembly, upper and lower wings identical except for flap control horn and strut slots. A very easy, straightforward build. Removeable wings, power pod will slide out without...
  2. DutchRC

    HobbyKing / Durafly Beechcraft M35 Bonanza

    Halloa people :) Soooo a couple of days ago HobbyKing released themselves this nice (I tihnk) new plane huh :D I must say I wanted one from the moment I saw it pop up in a video a couple of months ago.. Nice lookin no-fuss park flier I'd say.. So.. I ordered one and it actually arived the Next...