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beginner plane

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    Help! First Time

    I’m looking into first time scratch building an RC plane for my year 12 systems engineering project. I’m looking for an experienced person who I can send progress updates and designs to, who can help me with feedback and suggestions. Amy help would be much appreciated.
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    Flying wing as a beginner plane?

    Flying wing as a beginner plane? (Now a build log) Hi there! I was wondering if a flying wing, such as the Versa Wing, would make a suitable first plane for a fixed wing newbie? The reason I ask is because it is easier and cheaper for me to get hold of 50mm sheets of EPS than it is to get...
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    NEW Freewing FLIGHT DESIGN 1200mm Trainer PNP

    Unique FLIGHT DESIGN Unique Appearance Excellent beginner's plane http://www.hobbyb.com/new-freewing-f...html?cPath=116