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    70mm EDF, 2 NTM motors and 4 servos. Any ideas?

    So I'm in a slightly awkward situation. I have an X-29 with movable canards and modified with a landing gear. I'm unable to get it off the ground and I think I'll get one flight out of it then build something else, already lost my patience with that one... I also have two 1100kv NTM 28-26 motors...
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    Big and slow Foamie

    Hi guys, here is my first scratchbuilt foamie, which I designed and built in 10days. After this succesful testplane, my next project will be more detailed. A 3,5meter / 138inch Cub with about 4-5kg flying weith. I hope you like it ;)
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    An 225 Mriya

    The Antonov An-225 Mriya, the largest plane in the world(length). I would really like to see a foamie version. As of yet, this plane has never been made into an rc version, as far as I could find. It might be due to its immense size, but I callenge you guys at flight test to make one. I t is...
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    FT Spitfire big scale (2.15 m)

    Our first flight with 100% enlarged FT Spitfire: Best regards, Robert, Simon & others / SLOVENIA - EU
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    Who can make the largest Foam board plane

    Love the show, wish I could get down to NEAT to meet you guys, maybe I can talk my wife into next year :-) I thought the show that Josh and Dave did competing to make the fastest plane or planes from the Disney movie, really brought the best out of both of them. With these high winds we get...