binding issue

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    RX4R binding issue

    Before I bind my RX4R to my 9x lite, do I need to update the firmware on it? Firmware on the 9x lite is updated thanks to FrSky booth at Flightfest.
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    FT Gremlin binding issue

    Hi guys.... I have a problem with arming my quad. I finished building a gremlin and followed the video exactly the way it showed me. my problem is that even though I can bind my drone to my spectrum dx6e, it simply wont move. I did program arm mode to my aux1 on betaflight but when I bind it...
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    New Graupner MZ-10 and GR-12L binding issue.... please help

    Wearing the total Noob hat tonight. I am having trouble binding my MZ-10 with the GR-12L. I've been over the vague instructions repeatedly, I've searched the web. I contacted (awaiting their response), I've looked over forums far and wide. Looking over the previous posts by...