1. L Edge

    EZ Pack of 4 Designed Planes---Delta, Flying Wing, BobCat(2 booms) and a Bipe

    After the new motors(V2) appeared, my interest peaked in trying to design and develop a 4 pack of planes to use with the EZ Pack V2. My Goals: 1) To have different models based on their shape. 2) Be able to copy the plans and build under 2hrs using Readi-board foam. 3) Cover range from...
  2. p-air-o

    Biplane Scratch build construction

    I decided to start building a depron biplane using the known flitetest build techniques. searching the internet on how to construct a biplane the right way, I found several differtent aspects to be important: size and angle of the horizontal stabilizer angle of main wings angle of thrust...