EZ Pack of 4 Designed Planes---Delta, Flying Wing, BobCat(2 booms) and a Bipe

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After the new motors(V2) appeared, my interest peaked in trying to design and develop a 4 pack of planes to use with the EZ Pack V2.

My Goals:
1) To have different models based on their shape.
2) Be able to copy the plans and build under 2hrs using Readi-board foam.
3) Cover range from beginners to seasoned flyers.
4) Reduce speed and area needed to improve your fly skills.

At present, I have models of each that have been built where the delta has been flying to do 2 things. First is to get time under my belt to adapt to the FT transmitter and then cover the flight environment of this model. Hoping this one can handle slower speeds and yet stay afloat with swirly winds.

The second, a flying wing without any vertical stabs, has maiden and I decided to increase the wing area to see what happens. It is greasy fast!!!
So to increase flight time, I have purchased the second Ft EZ power pack and can't wait to get it in the wing.

The other two sit waiting their turn.

L Edge

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