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blade torrent

  1. Fishbonez

    Just enjoying the view

    Was the last day of my Summer break and thought Id head out and relax a bit
  2. J

    Flysky Torrent 110?

    I have a 250 quad currently, and ordered an Eachine Turbine (A slightly larger tiny whoop) because I liked FPV so much and wanted to fly inside. I found it slightly under powered and the frame had crap durability (its currently held together by hot glue and hope) but it was still SO fun to fly...
  3. M

    New Blade Torrent, new pilot, no auto level mode as advertised.

    So I just picked up a new Torrent to move up from my inductrix, Also had to get a new DX6 since the torrent is not compatible with the DX6i. According to the instruction manual, mode 0 is supposed to be angle mode which is auto leveling but it is not, none of the three flight modes are, they all...