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Gravity is heartless...
I have a 250 quad currently, and ordered an Eachine Turbine (A slightly larger tiny whoop) because I liked FPV so much and wanted to fly inside. I found it slightly under powered and the frame had crap durability (its currently held together by hot glue and hope) but it was still SO fun to fly. I think that now I want the torrent 110, but I only have a flysky (Eachine) TX. I found this link to buy the torrent with a Flysky RX, but it says "Availability:
Not for Sale." I know an RX transplant is possible, but I wouldn't trust myself to do one. If I don't have another option to get the torrent I will just get the pico owl v2: https://flexrc.com/product/pico-owl-v2-diy-kit/?wpam_id=26

Torrent w/ flysky: http://www.rc-drones.com/Blade-Torr...SKY-BNF-Basic-wFS-A8S-8ch-24G-RX_p_1739.html] The thing is, I found a huge forum thread (not FT) about people buying from that link!?

If someone could help me figure out a way to get a flysky torrent that would be great!
It would also be nice if someone confirmed the fact that I just can't get one right now so I should get the owl.

All feedback appreciated!


I know they sell a pnp version, so you could just add a reciver instead of transplanting it. If you dont want to add it you could probbably find a local hobby shop that would do it for you.