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bloody wonder v2

  1. Innaviation

    Flying Bloody Wonder with 10in Prop

    I have been flying a Bloody Wonder with a C pack motor and esc as well as a 8 in prop. I recently had a rough landing and broke my last 8 in prop. All I have left is 10 in props so I was wondering if anyone has flown a Bloody Wonder with a 10 in prop and hasn't had prop torque or any other issues?
  2. S

    Stay away from the Bloody Wonder SBK

    Below is a copy of the note I sent to the FT management staff. This SBK is way below their usual quality. I am in the midst of building the Bloody Wonder V2 and am disgusted. This product came with no assembly instructions whatsoever. It is very different from V1 and the assembly of the power...