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Stay away from the Bloody Wonder SBK

Below is a copy of the note I sent to the FT management staff. This SBK is way below their usual quality.

I am in the midst of building the Bloody Wonder V2 and am disgusted. This product came with no assembly instructions whatsoever. It is very different from V1 and the assembly of the power pod to the fuse is clear as mud. There are zero build videos on this and about the only information out there is how to build the power pod which I already know. The materials shipped with are the push rods, coffee sticks etc and I know what to do with these as I have built the F22. There is a thick piece of piano wire along with the pushrods for which there is no explanation. There is no guidance anywhere on how to place the electronics in the pod. Some guys in the forum gave me some help. The fuze is so different from V1 and has so many cut outs in it one has no idea how to align it. All in all, a LOUSY kit as I will so state in the forum. Plus it arrived with creases in the foam board and dents. I had to fabricate new parts form my own foam board. Needless to say, your quality control has slipped and this is my last purchase until I hear differently.


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I don't know if you happened to see this article on the BW V2. It might be a great place to start.


The coffee stirrer and the thick piece of piano wire go with the power pod. You can search for the pod build video if there isn't a link to it on the BW V2 article above.

They really made some great upgrades to the BW in the V2. Its an awesome ship!
I must admit I did not search the articles. All the previous planes had build videos but this did not. I still maintain if they are going to sell us "kits" then some form of instructional data is required or at least a link to where one kind find it. There was another piece in the box that I am still trying to figure out. It was thin piece of cardboard with a sticky back. Like the one used on the nose of the F22/ Anyone know what this may be for? If the winds die down here (Texas) I'll try to fly it tomorrow.


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You are going to fall in love when you get it in the air. The BW is a great all around ship. From just puttering around to basic aerobatics to screaming inverted low passes.

Fun for all ages.

I'm not sure about the "Sticky" cardboard. There are card stock pieces for the wing tips I think, but I don't think they are sticky. When I bought my FT22 kit it came with one of the very cool FT emblem stickers. Is it that?

Have Fun!!!

No, I got the FT sticker as well. This is a piece of sticky cardboard about 6-8 inches long and about 2 inches wide. Has me buffaloed. I'll post the maiden flight. I may put my 808 cam on it for the heck of it.