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  1. S

    NTM 2830 1200kv for Bloody Baron and Guinea Pig? Are those right? And which props?

    Hey everyone, I have asked questions like this before, but I am still not quite certain about what I should get. I want a hobbyking motor for my Bloody Baron that I will be able to use on the Guinea Pig (together with a second one) later on. The NTM 28-26A 1200kv seems to be just a little...
  2. R

    Upside down rudders on Bloody Wonder

    I'm thinking I cannot possibly be the first person to ever do this, but, in a rush to keep the hot glue from becoming set, I accidentally put the first rudder fin on my first build, the FT Bloody Wonder, on upside down. Because I knew it would be a huge mess and a pain to undo, I just put the...
  3. colorex

    Balsa Funbat

    So I wanted to make a balsa version of the Funbat - because I like balsa construction, and I like making drawings, and the Funbat is such an awesome plane. Here is a slightly downscaled Funbat that I built with foam a couple of years ago. I flew it only a couple of times before...
  4. T

    FT Bloody Wonder Rudder and Wing Mods

    I only have been able to fly it twice but the time I did have it in the air was the most fun I have had in the hobby yet. I made this plane according to the plans with some modifications. 1. The plans leave about an inch of space on each side of normal size DT foam board. I made use of the...
  5. T

    The Wombat - A 48% size Bloody Wonder

    I'm posting this on behalf of a fellow pilot. He made a Bloody Wonder with a 13in wingspan and it is worth documenting here. There are some pics and a video of this tiny beast. Keep in mind this is the first revision or a prototype of sorts. The CG had to be brought forward a bit and there...