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FT Bloody Wonder Rudder and Wing Mods

I only have been able to fly it twice but the time I did have it in the air was the most fun I have had in the hobby yet.

I made this plane according to the plans with some modifications.

1. The plans leave about an inch of space on each side of normal size DT foam board. I made use of the extra inch of foam board and instead of cutting the ends I just continued to the edge of the board when cutting out the wing. The significance of this is that I did not cut the aileron longer as well but left it the same size which kind of inset the aileron on the wing protecting it from crashes that could rip the hinge up.

2. I added an inch to the join section of the wing where the wing piece meets the tail piece. This was to add just a smidge more Newtonian lift area and to deadened the effect of the HUGE elevator by moving it farther away from the CG.

3. I added a twin rudder rig much like Bolvon72's. The placement and mechanics of the servos are the same but I didn't change the V1 stabilizer shape, I instead cut pentagonal pieces that fit into the stabilizers with hot glue and bamboo skewers. It wasn't an afterthought but I wanted to be able to take them off if they didn't work, luckily they worked great. I also added some small wheels to them so the landing gear is steerable.

4. Wing tip plug added to the wing tips to make it prettier. A skewer was used to protect and maintain the shape of the wing tip as well.

5. I covered the entire beast with laminate film. It adds weight but spring time is windy and wet in FL so it should help against both forces of evil.

6. The Naca duct was an edition I made after watching the V2 video (I didn't even know that's what it was called until I saw the video). I cut/melted a piece of a plastic spoon to shape and placed it over a hole on the fuse.

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