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blue wonder

  1. Y

    FT Delta/Blue Wonder Underpowered?

    Maidened my FT Delta today. It flew fairly well with 60% throws and expo @ 30. I cut the flight short though after noticing that it took almost full throttle to maintain altitude and could only get meager rate of climb at full throttle. Is this to be expected ? I'm considering an upgrade to an...
  2. SpaceWalker1992

    Mini Merrow - DTFB Piper Archer

    I Really wanted a Scale-ish archer, that has the looks, a roomy battery compartment, strength, and can run off my Blue wonder motor. after following some Sketchup tutorials, I got building on Sketchup. I laid out the plans, and built. It looked pretty good, and easy. ok, now to lay it flat. Let...