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Mini Merrow - DTFB Piper Archer

I Really wanted a Scale-ish archer, that has the looks, a roomy battery compartment, strength, and can run off my Blue wonder motor. after following some Sketchup tutorials, I got building on Sketchup. I laid out the plans, and built. It looked pretty good, and easy. ok, now to lay it flat. Let me just say, this is THE most difficult and frustrating process. Its like building a MASSIVE and beautiful lego thing, throwing away the instructions, and throwing it on the floor, then proceed to build it again. After 2 hours or so, I exported it to a PDF. View attachment PA28 pull apart-signed.pdf View attachment PA28 pull apart-signed.pdf That was Just enough for me to build it. I printed it out at 130% on Adobe reader at zoom of 33.3%, and started cutting! I felt really confident, until I made two left wings. haven't quiet got everything down. This is where I turn the the Awesome community of Flite Test. Here is the Sketchup files for both complete, and unfolded plans.Could you guys help me Refine and clarify these plans? Thank you!


UPDATE! I built a prototype, nothing pretty or anything, but its a good start. hoping to test fly on tuesday. feels heavy for the size, but not sure exactly how heavy. Using a 1300 MAH 3s, 25 amp plush, 9x4.7, and blue wonder equiv. HXT900s all around, but I feel the ailerons are too small. I might mod them to make them bigger. this thing should be FAST! IMG_20150228_234215.jpg
NOT my final version. definitely going to refine (Looks at least)
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I have decided to scale the wings by about 20 or 30 percent more, just so long as it has a nice glide ratio. True to myself, I have procrastinated way too much, and am really in a rush now. I also decided to add a bit more of a standard airfoil closer to the wing tips. The ailerons were a problem being to small, but scaling it up, as well as making them a bit thicker in chord, should help quiet a bit. I do like the elevator size, though. The smaller version did glide nice. I may also make the fuse a bit thinner. at this point, I cant fly it though, because the motor shaft bent from an accident with a versa wing. I COULD probably go ahead and make it even smaller. I will experiment with the design, may even use a modified scout wing. Just brain storming, I think I like the scout wing idea. The dihedral wouldn't be too far off from scale. yeah. Ok. so, changes:

-Using modified scout wing
-changing power plant
-changing size
-(trying to) make it swappable
-not using black foamboard

Edit: printing out the mini scout plans, got it all planned out in my head. Hopefully will be a great 2nd plane or so. I want ailerons but I heard that it doesn't have the lift to handle it, so I might hav eto scale up the wings. If you have tried scout with ailerons yet, at it works ok, PLEASE pet me know.
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Ok! build progress has gone very well, The wings are just about right, if not a lil' cartoony. I love how this is coming together! its probably going to be a bit fast, despite using a mini power pod based motor. I drew up a scheme on the plane, following this one loosely: 2a7dccb5a6c3989ea1972e39717adb3e.jpg I just have to put the horizontal stab in, and it should be ready for glide tests. I might add landing gear, if I find the right wire for it. wire hangars are too heavy, and pushrod wire is probably too weak. I am using 2 9 gram servos, one for both ailerons, and one for elevator. will get pics up tomorrow.
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