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    Turinigy 9xr Pro Blue Screen

    So I just got my new Turing 9xr Pro and was messing around with it. I screwed up a few things and couldn't figure out how to fix them, so I figured I would just reset it to factory, so looking around I came across a reset button under the flap with the micro sd card/usb/headphone jack. After...
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    Came up with a great way to make cheap, light, durable wheels!

    I have built the flite test wheels, but they aren't very durable. I came up with this idea and they work really well. I use 1/2 inch blue foam board, or 1 inch on bigger planes. I use a circle cutting jig on my band saw to cut perfect circles. Then I drill a hole in the middle to accept a...
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    Making it rain ... blue light

    Anyone have an idea what I will be doing with these for my next project? ... ... If you saw the NEAT Fair episode with the Kraken night flight these will be familiar.