Came up with a great way to make cheap, light, durable wheels!


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I have built the flite test wheels, but they aren't very durable. I came up with this idea and they work really well.


I use 1/2 inch blue foam board, or 1 inch on bigger planes. I use a circle cutting jig on my band saw to cut perfect circles. Then I drill a hole in the middle to accept a carbon fiber tube for the axle. I glue the tube in with foam safe CA cement. I coat the outside of the wheel with fast set epoxy and paint. I found the fastest way to coat with epoxy is to mix it up, put on some gloves, and just smear it on with your hands. Works like a charm.




I hope this helps.

Jon Logullo

PS: I love Flite test. I always wanted to get into this hobby, but this site finally pushed me over the edge. I have built about 10 foam planes and am now working on a Sinorita (my first balsa project). I think the guys at Flite test are incredible people and are so helpful and sincere. Thanks a lot!!