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    Adding Bluetooth to Multiwii Pro 3, Do I need to edit the sketch?

    Hi, One of those "simple" addons... I am flying a quad with a witespy multiwii pro 3 FC board on it and the oem sketch which includes the GPS. So far I love it. Decided to add a redbear bluetooth module and it doesn't want to tell me what the FC board is doing. It seems like a comm problem...
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    Zaggometry + FrSky Dashboard???

    Found this article here: Tested it with my Turnigy 9X, Frsky DTJ + D8R-II and a HC-06 bluetooth module with integrated Max 232. It works and AD1 and AD2 are displayed/read aloud by the FrSky Dashboard app on my...
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    Naze32 / Flip32+ satalite reciever fix

    Here is a Naze setup that I would like to show every one. Its a flip32+ with Bluetooth and a Spektrum satellite receiver. Some things to note are that the flip32 stock does not work with the satellite plug. You have to fix the board or use a special plug. This fix uses the gps rx pin so if you...