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blunt nose versa

  1. K

    CG Problems - FT Versa Wing and Blunt Nose Versa Wing

    Last summer I built a regular FT Versa Wing. I loved. I recently took it apart to used the hardware in a fresh new Blunt Nose Versa Wing. Both Pushers. However, I had problems with the CG on the first one, and I'm having the same problems on the blunt nose. Tail heavy. For the regular Versa...
  2. OGBugsy

    My first Snub Nose Versa came out Sweet !!

    Big thanks again for the great design and build videos! Keep up the great work!! Maiden flight this weekend. Weather permitting that is :D Cheers, OGBugsy
  3. P

    Blunt Nose Versa CG

    Hi All, I increased the width of the center section of the BNV by 4 inches, only changed it's width not length. Being now that the center section is 12 inches wide making total width 50 inches what should the new cg be? Thx, Pizatio