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    Blunt Nose Versa Wing: Did I Choose the Right Motor for SPEEEEED?

    Hi, All! So, I'm hoping I picked a good motor that will give me sick speed on my Blunt Nose Versa Wing build, now in progress. I'll be running a 4s 2250 LiPo, 60A BL Heli ESC, and a SunnySky 2820-6 / 920 KV. I know the KV is a bit low, but here's the stats on an APC 11x8 prop (which I know is...

    Build Request - Blunt Nose Kraken w\ a pusher

    Josh, I would really like to see a Blunt Nose Kraken w\ a single pusher prop. This would have to undoubtedly require a discuss handle like I have added to my Versa Blunt Nose Thanks and keep the shows coming! FtJunky

    Build Request - Blunt Nose Kraken

    Hey guys, glad to be a part of the FT family and the first time on this forum and it came across my mind that it would be really cool to see a blunt nosed Kraken with a discus throwing attachment on the the left wing tip, maybe a vertical CF spar with a hole through the wing tip.
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    Blunt Nose Versa With Stryker Electronics?

    Hi guys I recently ordered my first FT kit. A Versa with the Blunt Nose conversion. My question is can I use my motor and ESC from my F-27Q Stryker? For those unfamiliar with the Stryker the motor is a 480 size 2200 kv and the esc is a E-flite 60 amp Pro Series. I ran 3s 2200mah and 4s 2200mah...
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    Redesigning the Blunt nose Versa to fit my Turnigy 3s 2200mah batteries

    The plans : !!!! *note the black line at the front hatch. This should be a red score line 6/17/2015 The maiden went beautifully yesterday! I may need to adjust the CG marks or remove some weight. I trimmed a lot of elevator into it to keep the nose up. I slid the battery to the rear a...
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    Normal or Blunt Nose Versa?

    Hey all, I'm going to get a versa wing at some point here, but I was wondering, should I get the blunt nose conversion too? This will be my third or fourth plane, and I have plenty of experience with bank-n-yank. After I get some line of sight stick time, I plan on converting it to my first FPV...