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  1. J

    power setup for my Versa blunt

    Hi! I'm Jack, Long term areal videographer at JJDrones (http://www.JJdrones.co.uk) I have recently purchased a VersaWing Blunt nose, I have covered it in duct tape (Mad it super heavy) and it's dead weight (frame +servos's only) is 800G Aprox. I am looking for a motor and esc that are capable...
  2. P

    Fried ESC?

    Hey everyone, tl;dr 1. Lost radio signal, plane crashed, servos jittering uncontrollably, ESC very hot. Did my ESC overheat and shut off, taking the Rx with it? 2. Can you recommend any motors that will provide lots of punch for the Versa and Spitfire? Video of servo jitter...
  3. P

    Blunt nose versa won't fly

    Hey, I have a problem that is driving me mad. I recently finished building a blunt nosed versa (not kit, from scratch), but it won't fly! I had to add very much dead weight in the nose to get the cg right. However, when I launch it, it just dives like it would if it was extremely nose heavy. I...
  4. Jnr Kuzi

    FT Blunt Nose Meets SBA Chimera "i think" (Theory)

    Hey Guys, something amazing happened & then I decided to attempt to Scratch Build my first RC Plane. I was Cleaning up our storage room then,i found 2 Hair driers in Sisters Junk Drawer. Openned them & Found Nice Brushed Motors. So the First thing Popped up in my Mind "Bixler scratch build"...