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Fried ESC?


Junior Member
Hey everyone,

1. Lost radio signal, plane crashed, servos jittering uncontrollably, ESC very hot. Did my ESC overheat and shut off, taking the Rx with it?
2. Can you recommend any motors that will provide lots of punch for the Versa and Spitfire?

Video of servo jitter: http://youtu.be/TIhNkogymbo

I fixed my Bluntness Versa and waited 4 weeks until the wind finally died down enough here in Aarhus, Denmark, to go flying. A few minutes into my first battery, the Rx cut out and the plane crashed. :(

When I walked to the plane, the servos were jittering and everything was unresponsive. I unplugged and replugged the battery. As the HobbyKing ESC went through it's startup protocol, I could move the servos, but once the protocol was complete and the the ability to use the throttle was engaged, it lost signal and started jittering again. I tried once more, and it seemed to work normally.

My ESC was very hot and I am pretty sure (well almost positive :p ) that I am over-propped. Am I right in thinking that I overheated the ESC and it shut everything down?

ESC: Turnigy AE-30A Brushless ESC (http://tiny.cc/a43qvx)
Motor:NTM 2826 1350 kV (http://tiny.cc/5e4qvx)
Prop: 9x6
Battery: Turnigy 2200 mAh 3 cell (20-30C discharge)
Rx: Spektrum 6 channel full range.

On the same note, can anyone suggest a different motor with more power that I can use on my FT Versa and FT Spitfire with 25-30A ESCs? I have the NTM 2826 1350 kV (http://tiny.cc/5e4qvx) and a Turnigy 2826-10 1400 kV Aerodrive (http://tiny.cc/k23qvx) but they don't have nearly enough punch with the recommended props (8x3.8 and 7x4, respectively). I have a Turnigy 2220 1650 kV (http://tiny.cc/2n4qvx) with an 8.3.8 on my regular Versa which provides heaps of power, but the bearings suck!

Thanks for the help! :D