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  1. ukh87

    Introducing foamcore airliner!

    Made of 100% foamcore from dollar tree. Wing span approx 42" Gross weight 27.5oz (780g) twin 50mm edf, twin 20A ESC 5~10 min flight with 3S 2200mah It's edf and not a swappable but I'm planning to build a swappable pusher airliners. Anyone interested? Please leave me some airliners...
  2. William_Conway

    Airbus A350 1/60 Laser Cut Scratch Build

    Hello everyone! As the title may suggest, I'm currently in progress of building 1/60 scale Airbus A350-900XWB. This is my first commercial Airliner Scratch build, so i can almost guarantee there will be a very high fail/success ratio. I'm a part of the Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Makerspace...
  3. A


    I would really like to see someone build a Boeing 747 with all four engines being EDF. I understand that it would have to be fairly large for the EDFs to be to scale, but you could carry around a model space shuttle on it's back! It would also be pretty nice for FPV if it were built that large...