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bomb drop

  1. flyingsquirrelRC

    Something FUNNY!

    I don't know about you guys, but I am always in the mood for something funny. Bomb drops, FPV fails, ANYTHING! Don't have anything myself:(, but will try and get in the air soon. With winter here there isn't a whole lot of flying to do. But hey! Here is something from FT to start us off: :)
  2. smithhayward

    Project: Single Servo Multiple Drop Mechanism - 3D Printing

    Hey Gang, so I totally know what you're thinking... Oh lord, ANOTHER project this guy has going on?!?! He's never going to finish any of them... You know what I say to that? Yeah, you're probably right. :p;) However, that doesn't mean I don't ATTEMPT to. Sharing is caring and I have an idea...
  3. paytonc11

    Need help with extra servo!

    I am currently trying to rig my foam plane to be "bomb" drop capable, it is a 4 channel plane with a 6 channel Tactic receiver. I am using a Spektrum DX6 transmitter with AnyLink 2, and I have set up another servo plugged into my 6th channel (Aux) and I having trouble getting it to work. Is...
  4. P

    FPV Fire Bomber

    Hey All, Love the videos and plans! Here is a sort-of mashup idea based on your videos about FPV flying food (blender, toaster) and FPV bomb dropping (glass-break, dartboard drop, guided bomb etc...) With fire season in full swing all over, how about an FPV RC fire bomber? Use a Krakken or...
  5. A

    Payload delivery with time opening bomb

    I've got a concept for a bomb dropped from a plane that opens after a specific time, dropping it's contents. My original idea was to use it to drop dry dog food from my AXN floater, as the area I go to has quite a few people walking there dogs, who all stop and watch my plane (it's very tempting...
  6. Fishbonez

    Ok so it wasnt candy or a bomb but...

    As most of you know I am in the US Air Force and annually here at FE Warren Air Force base we have what we call Frontiercade. Basically it is an excuse for the entire base to goof off for one day and get paid for it. Any way one of the events at Frontiercade is the Buffalo Chip toss, for those...